Vacation or Staycation: Keeping a Perspective on Work/Life Balance
August 18, 2010

The Great American Staycation: How to Make a Vacation at Home Fun for the Whole Family (and Your Wallet!) – Work Closer. Live More.

Dealing with the stress of working in today’s economy day in and day out is exhausting. The recession has left many companies shorthanded, and those who are employed often have to carry not only their workload, but also the workloads of nonexistent coworkers. With less people doing more work, employees are faced with extended work days and a greater need to go on vacation. Despite the high stress level and dire need to get away, many workers, however, are opting not to use all of their vacation time.

An article by CNN Living delves into the reasons why employees are forgoing their vacations and enduring the stress. Oftentimes, employees feel the strain of extra responsibility and do not want to appear lazy. Other employees shy away from the stress of scheduling vacation time in advance. By declining to take a vacation, some people may think that they will gain the reputation of being a hard worker, someone their boss can depend on and one that would never be thought of when a string of layoffs are considered. Furthermore, many employees, as much as they want to take vacation time, have a spouse

Coordinating a vacation can be hectic, but the idea of what a vacation is has been turned upside down by the “staycation,” which is growing in popularity. CNN’s article says staycations “require very little research and planning, are cost effective and are a great compromise for those with family obligations.” Instead of using vacation time to travel, many employees are choosing to stay at home during their paid time off. These employees are saving money and are bypassing all the stresses of travel. In addition to taking a staycation, CNN’s article recommends booking bargain, last-minute vacations to save money.

However you decide to spend your vacation time, make sure you do it as work/life balance is becoming increasingly important to the workers’ sanity during stressful economic times. Commuter Swap understands that people need time away from the hustle and bustle of the office, or at the very least more flexibility with schedules and their commute if they can’t get away from work. If you find yourself in a “PTO bind,” check out how Commuter Swap could at the very least reduce the time of your commute and put you closer to the office. Let’s face it, even a couple hours gained at the beginning and end of each day could feel like a vacation from the norm.

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