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What’s your Driving Personality?
July 19, 2010

Professional Driving Techniques: The Essential Guide to Operating a Motor Vehicle with Confidence and Skill – Work Closer. Live More.

How would you rate your driving habits? Are you a diligent commuter or a little too courageous behind the wheel. Like most drivers, our driving habits are largely dictated by our commute. As an illustration, check out these statistics from a survey conducted by TomTom in which the driving habits of seven major commuter cities were tabulated:

  • 61.3% of Americans travel five to 10 miles over the speed limit; High Score: Atlanta, 66.2%
  • 71.2% of Americans change their route depending on the time of day to reach their destination the fastest way possible; High Score: Los Angeles, 78.3%
  • 19.8% of Americans lean on their horns when someone cuts them off; High Score: Boston, 27.6%
  • 10.7% of Americans curse or gesture crudely when someone cuts them off; High Score: Atlanta, 14.4%
  • 21.6% of Americans slam on their brakes or slow down when being tailgated; High Score: Atlanta, 26.4%

Nationally, 58.1 percent of Americans surveyed have a daily commute that lasts 45 minutes to an hour. With so much time spent in the car, it comes as no surprise that some interesting, and in some cases, even embarrassing behaviors and occurrences have resulted.

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