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Summer Road Warriors
June 22, 2010

Summer in Connecticut: A Positively Connecticut Book – Work Closer. Live More.

Summer is officially here and for the extreme commuter, you know what’s coming next…

1) Increased congestion to our highways and byways, as everyone hits the road for summer vacation.

2) Higher gas prices (of course).

First let’s tackle higher gas prices. Here are a few tips to ease the pain at the pump this summer…

1. Back Off Jack
Slow it down and stop using your brake as a foot petal on your bass drum.driving like a maniac will reduce your mileage by up to a third. Instead, change speed at sensible rates. You’ll save money if you do. And keep the driver in front of you from giving you the 1 finger salute.

2. Pump it Up
Properly inflated tires are not just more efficient — they’ll last longer, too. Improperly inflated tires will decrease your gas mileage by almost 4%.

3.”I Cant Drive 55″
You can and you should! Almost all cars efficiency decreases at anything over 60 mph.

4. Dont Wait for That Noise to Stop..It Wont
Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Change oil regularly,maintain proper fluid levels, keep the engine clean, get the emissions tested, and stay up-to-date on tuneups.

Now, what to do about the added congestion from our traveling friends?!!!

You could hole up in the house until September or so, but the boss probably won’t be too happy with that decision.

Better yet, you could beat them at their own game… How about a vacation from traffic – A home exchange with a destination of a better quality of life?

List your home for exchange on Commuter Swap and swap it with one closer to your job. Get off the road and leave the congestion and higher gas prices to the summer road warriors.

source: Fast 12 Second Commute –

Making the most out of the daily commute
June 8, 2010

The 25 Best Time Management Tools & Techniques: How to Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy – Work Closer. Live More.

Just because you’re stuck on a commuter train for 3 hours a day, doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive. Here are some tips to help you pass the time…

Time spent commuting on public transport can be used effectively by reading a newspaper, writing a to-do list or sorting through emails (sorry drivers, eyes ahead and hands on the wheel)….

1. Read a Local/National Paper – Catch up on business news
2. Create a To-Do List – Organize your day
3. Use a Blackberry or I-Phone – Sort through those emails

While time management activities are a great way to pass the time on the long journey to or from the workplace, wouldn’t it be better to actually spend less time commuting in the first place?

Check out Commuter Swap. List your home for exchange and swap it with one closer to your job site. Spend less time commuting and more time actually getting things done instead of planning to do them.

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