The worst commute in the world….

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How much time do you waste commuting to work? It’s probably a lot more than you think. And, unfortunately, you’re not alone, as misery definitely loves company when it comes to the nightmare commute, which transcends both borders and cultures.

So, without further delay, here are the world’s worst commute times…

Average time in minutes of a trip to and from work:

* Barcelona: 48.4
* Dallas: 53.0
* Milan: 53.4
* Seattle: 55.5
* Boston: 55.8
* Los Angeles: 56.1
* San Francisco: 57.4
* Chicago: 61.4
* Berlin: 63.2
* Halifax: 65.0
* Sydney: 66.0
* Madrid: 66.1
* Calgary: 67.0
* Vancouver: 67.0
* New York: 68.1
* Stockholm: 70.0
* London: 74.0
* Montreal: 76.0
* Toronto: 80.0

There are many reasons why commute times continue to rise across the globe, but there aren’t many options to alleviate the long commute, which makes commuting to work an almost no-win situation.

So, how much is your time worth? If you’re tired of wasting most of it commuting to work and frustrated by the lack of alternative commuting options, then sign up for Commuter Swap today and swap your home with another homeowner closer to your workplace.

Stop wasting your time sitting in traffic and start reaping the benefits of increased leisure time!

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