Get Ready for the “New Urban” Century

Toolbox for Sustainable City Living: A do-it-Ourselves Guide – Work Closer. Live More.

“In Charlotte, North Carolina, commuters zip along a sparkling new light rail system into a booming downtown district.

In Sacramento, California, construction workers hammer away at the next generation of green buildings.

And in New York City, rush-hour commuters pedal across popular bike paths that have spread like kudzu across the metropolis.

Those snapshots from cities across America offer a glimpse of the future. Americans are rebuilding their cities and communities to make people, not cars, the center of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

What’s on the way out: sprawling interstates, suburban living, long car commutes.

What’s now in: light rail, green space and vibrant downtown districts.”

A revival of the city is long overdue. However, many people are stuck in the “outer burbs” because living near the city is too expensive. Stagnant wages and exorbitant housing costs have pushed people further away form the city and unfortunately urban planning can’t change the fact that we are in a new economic reality.

Selling your home to move into the city may not be economically feasible, but you can still live closer to the city by swapping your home at Commuter Swap. Live and work closer to the city and experience the great “urban” revival firsthand.

source: CNN –

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