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High-speed rail: Skipping your town
February 12, 2010

Europe by Eurail 2010: Touring Europe by Train – Work Closer. Live More

“High-speed rail proponents envision a multi-decade funding effort from both public and private sources to build a system serving 13 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.

Public funding would come mostly from the federal transportation bill — a mammoth piece of legislation that is generally renewed every six years and funded largely by taxes on gasoline and other road-related items.

But even getting the $50 billion more from the federal government is a long shot. The last transportation bill contained close to zero funding for high-speed rail, and with the government’s debt growing by the hour, squeezing $50 billion out of Washington for trains will be a hard sell.”

High speed rail is not alone in the fact that most alternative commuting options are limited at best in communities across the nation. Therefore, it’s time to rethink the commute as we know it. Think Commuter Swap instead.

source: CNNMoney –